2015 - ongoing - Public space

Started from the willingness of some former students of the Venice Arts University (IUAV), to give an answer to the absence of spaces where to try out new art pieces and to shorten the distance between citizens and contemporary art production. 27metricubi was first of all, the creation of a space where to rehearsal a radical position toward the state of Italian curatorship and create a discussion point between artists and visitors.
Since its beginning the project keeps discussing itself and different aspects of the artist’s life and the art production system.

A cube of 3m sides is assembled in a public space, it lasts there for few days, then it is disassembled and brought to a different city. Every day it opens and provides a place for artists to experiment with immediate audience feedback and create collaborating together.
Every time different possibilities for audience feedback and participation are tried out, such as an assessment questionnaire, a”complaint and advice” office, a dedicated meeting point between artists and audience and artists workshops. At the end of the showing moment, a public meeting takes place to discuss the event and modify the rules of the cube for the next city. 27metricubi became a transient investigation on collective practices and audience participation.

Project made with Collective AAA


VENICE (IT), Campo San Polo, 27 March 2015

The first edition gave space to 32 artists in 8 exhibitions of half an hour in a row. This was symbolic, hosting as many artists as possible without selection, as a “protest”. The tight space forced the artists to work together every step of the way, from curatorial aspects to installation. The artists participated in the project through an open call, the first artists that applied, exhibited.


PADUA (IT), Piazzetta San Nicolò, 10 june 2015

After the feedback received during the event in Venice, we decided to have fewer artists and increased the duration of each exhibition. This time we also had a timer projected on the side of the cube, in order to make it clear to the audience when each group finished their exhibition. Again there was no critic selection, but we asked for a motivation letter.


MILAN (IT), Fabbrica del Vapore, 21 October -21 November 2016

27metricubi was selected to be part of the Young Artist Biennale (Mediterranea 17′) and was included in exhibition at Fabbrica del Vapore, an internationally renowned exhibition space. In this instance the cube acted as a back-door, allowing artists to exhibit in an international exhibition without being selected by the official jury. The number of artists for each exhibition decreased further and the amount of time given to them to get known the “space” and each others increased.


LONDON (UK), Granary Square, 24 April – 4 May 2017

In the London edition, the cube became a one week residency for artists investigating the meaning of inhabit a space now and how to inhabit our cube with art. This time artist were chosen on the based of their draft answer to the topic. During the residency, Alessio Mazzaro member of the collective delivered a few days workshop on collaborative practices -to foster collaboration between the selected artists- and on the different meaning of dwelling and home.


LUGANO (SW), July 2017

This version of the project brought further the investigation on the role of the audience as co-author. Selected local artists delivered a series of workshop on craft techniques to the citizens, discussing and creating together some new pieces.