2015 - social actions, flash mobs, advertising material

“I have spread these seeds as the wind does, to spread at the same time myself. A way – for an artist just moved to Bristol- to reach others, to attach his roots into a new soil. A participatory sowing, started by me and concluded by whoever wants to help these plants/flowers to grow. Please Feel free to take these seeds, and after having planted them, take a picture of the soil and send it to”


When in November 2015 I moved to Bristol, I didn’t know anyone and I needed a way to enter into the social fabric – in order to get a job- as soon as possible. I felt like my deepest wish was to spread my roots as a plant into a new soil, but I did not have a garden or a terrain to sow, and it was neither the right season. So I searched for perennial plants’ seeds, bought 100 packs and left them in the main cultural and social spaces of Bristol. I wrote on the packs a reason and a request to the citizens to sow the seeds, but it was also a way to meet new persons through the seeds. On the back of the packs, I wrote sentences from my biography, in order to show a part of me to the audience and at the same time advertising myself. The text was followed by my website address.


In an attempt to become fully integrated and not only accepted in the British society, I also opened Reference Monday, a virtual office to obtain a formal reference letter, seen as a necessary part of accessing the British job market.

other social notes