2016 - ongoing - installation and web performance

How to deal with missing physical presence on a specific location? We started from the need of solving a practical problem: we wanted to perform together despite living in different places. We found in a video call a possibility to create a shared stage and experience; a tool to develop an investigation between choreography and live streaming cinema. To dig deeper into these aspects we chose to only use close-up frammings and the score as our main tool and common ground. We wrote a score for bodies, webcam and viewers.

In // Couchscore, three performers execute a common movement score in front of a webcam each. The performance happens at the same time but in different countries, for the duration of a video call shared on Google Hangouts and YouTube. The piece is performed by one of us in presence of an audience at a designated space/gallery, where there is also a projection of the video call. Audience can so see the whole piece and what happens behind the screen. Expanding our body geographically through the Web, using Hangouts to bring our body elsewhere, we created a new virtual body made of pieces and framings of the three bodies. How one body can interact choreographically with another participant in the call? How to connect the bodies physically, or the actions visually? How to make the audience feel part of this? These are the questions that drive our research. Performanced and created with the dancers Elisa D’amico and Francesco Dalmasso.

SCORE n°13