LA VISTA TESTIMONIA IL VIRTUALE, IL TOCCO IL REALE (The sight testifies to the virtual, the touch testifies to the reality)

2013 - Reading and installation

Our body is not touching directly the reality anymore, there is always something between, an extension. To oppose the presence of real matter to the virtual, the informatic relationships.

An Italian proverb says “ I do not believe if I do not see”, but the sight can be tricked. Instead If I hold the matter of an object between my hands, that matter truly exists. A thing exists untill we keep the memory of it. Objects, reality and art exist just if testified, they exist when a person meets them and in this way testify them. With a tablet we can see a book but not touch its matter, it exists just as a mirage, virtually.

In the Braille language the material it is not a medium, it is the writing itself. Something written with Braille exists just through the physical contact, it exists just when we make experience of it.

A seeing person and a blind person, one in front of the other, divided by just a beam, they can not see their face but they are connected by the touch of the same matter. A writing in Braille language, divided in two parts, it is written on two opposite sides of the beam. The first part “ The sight testifies to the virtual”, is in relief and it will be read by the blind one, the second one “the touch testifies to the reality”, is carved and it will be read by the seeing one. After the reading that activates the work, the audience is free to touch and read the sentence.