I TUOI RESTI (Your remains)

2013 -Installation- plaster moods, wood of Linden, grass, soil

Relics are classified in different classes. First class, objects tied to the life of Christ or remains of saints. Second class, objects that had physical contact with saints. Third and Fourth class, objects that had physical contact with relics of the First or Second class.

I wanted to make a cast of a log of Linden to save its shape and preserve it, but in doing so, I had to sacrificate it, to carve the wood out of the mold. To be in a long-lasting form, the log had to stop its physical existence. The mold pieces are remains, First and Second class relics, they keep fragments of the log and its shape. They are “bones” placed on the ground as in a dig, the audience can observe them from above, bend down in order to see them better, approching in this way the work as an archaeologist or a prayer.