“SI SERVE IL NUMERO…” (Office for personal imagination diet)

2015 - ongoing - space and collective performance

To open an artistic office that supplies a service and engages the audience through it. To create the set of an ironic game – the mise-en-scène of a public office- and ask the audience to play with its dynamics: the spatial disposition of the users, the queue and the waiting for the turn, the relationship between users and employees (bureaucracy and formalities), the expectations to know. The engagement becomes “genuine”, because the dynamics came from the every day life of the audience, and they recognized them as soon as they get on the stage we have set. Bureaucracy as a kind of contemporary ritual.

S’ODINONSUONARE (Alessio Mazzaro & Marco Campana), opens an Office for Personal Imagination Diet, a sound performance personally created for every spectator to nourish the imagination. While Mazzaro observes the spectator and writes a “diet”, Campana, using tape head microphones, collects the noise made by the printer, transforming it in an evocative musical composition. After the performance, the composed “diet” is signed and then given to the spectator, the soundtrack instead is sending after a week in an email to the participants keeping a dialogue with them after the piece. The diet is a set of performative and cognitive practices to see the reality in a different way. It is imagined every time in a different way for every spectator.

How many instruction and how precise, need the audience to enter into a designed dynamic? How this change from one country to another? A client of the Office in Detroit suggested it depends on the education system where we grew up. For this reason, the set of the performance evolved each time based on the social context of the hosting place. Elements as signals and instructions, are added or changed, in order to initiate always the same dynamics.