2015 - Site and History based installation, workshop


A bow suspended above a subwoofer that emanates a frequency not audible, but physically perceptible as a vibration by the body.
Parafrasi came as a site specific response, from the encounter with the plaque, in memory of the cello player Arturo Cuccoli, within a courtyard of the Conservatory Cesare Pollini in Padova (IT).
To translate, visually and sensorially, what is written on the plaque: “esprimere le vibrazioni più riposte dell’anima”, “to express the most deeply vibration of the soul”.

The piece is made by the relationship between an audio intervention in the building entrance hall and the plaque. The will, is to encourage the citizens to discover a forgotten element of the building and involve the students in the making of the piece: coming in dialogue with the history of the place and who lives it, transform it from an exhibition space to a social one.
Therefore, the audio installation was creating during a workshop with the Conservatory students. It has represented a moment of dialogue with the artist and of practical application of their studies. Choosing to create the work and research the frequencies, in the moments in which the building was open to the public, started a tale about the making of the piece, engaging all the curious people passing by that stopped to give advices and asking informations.