INIZIO E FINE DI UN’ISOLA (Birth and end of an island)

2014 - environmental installation and collective performance

To reflect in Venice – an artificial island that risks to disappear- about what can be the birth and the end of an island. “Island: a piece of land that is completely surrounded by water”. The mainland in italian is called “terraferma”, a word that means a piece of land that is not moving. The birth of an island can be natural – an accumulation of debris, a piece of land emerged from the sea- or artificial. When does an island end? When it will be submerged by water, or physically destroyed? Or when through a bridge it becomes part of the “terraferma” before it was moving. So maybe, an island ends when it starts to drift.

I had the vision of an island drifting and I wanted to give the audience the possibility to experience it. In this piece, the spectators see through a pair of binoculars a little artificial island drifting in the Venice lagoon. At the beginning of its journey, it is inhabited only by an Oleander, halophyte plant that can grow in water with high salinity. There is just one pair of binoculars that gives the possibility to see in a clear way the island, so the spectators have to pass them from one person to another. This process creates wait and desire in the persons that want to see and discover, what the others already known. A filter of sintered glass on the bottom of the vase, realized by some chemists, holds the salt from the water, increasing for the plant, the possibility to survive in its wandering.