“I can’t stop myself from thinking, to pull a rope from one bank to the other, to connect”

2013 - Performance site-specific

To tie two islands up together. To connect the point where I am with the one I am looking. To touch the ground, eventually touch the other bank, set a foot there.

From one island you look to another one in front of you. They look so close that you can imaging yourself swimming or jump over there, even if Google Maps tells you it can likely be 100m. From one island you look an exact point in front of you. You really want to reach it and you have tried using public transport but you have discovered that you could not: the other island is military and private, you have gates, fences and walls to go through.

Hence, in different attempts, I trained myself to set a foot there, to swim until the other bank, skipping the boats navigating in the channel and going against its strong current.