“è solo dopo aver posato le mani che si posa lo sguardo*”

2015 - posters, movie, audio

* “It is only after having placed the hands that we place the sight”. quotes from the artist Giuseppe Penone.

The installation was made for the first double solo show of Alessio Mazzaro and Marcella Basso at the Doubleroom in Trieste. It analyses the tactile and auditory approach of the two artists concerning an intimate exploration of a space as a way to know through the senses.

This work is an invitation for the audience to explore in an acoustic way the surfaces and spaces that usually surround them, growing in them the curiosity to know which sound can make an object or a surface. At the same time it is an attempt to bring the audience into the intimate world of the artist, to create his space in the gallery and let the audience walk through, fall in it.

An acoustic performance exploration was made the day before the opening of the show to the audience. In this action Mazzaro explored the surfaces and objects inside the gallery beating and playing with them, in order to know which sound they make. In the first room of the gallery the audience finds the pieces of Marcella and can hear as a soundtrack the audio recording during the performance. In the other room there were the video of the performance – without the audio- and two posters that, as an illustrated manual, described how to explore domestic tools as sound instruments. The video was made when the exhibition was already set, and the spaces explored in the performance are the same spaces where the audience sees the whole show and so the video. This create a short circuit that makes the audience sees in a different way the space and the elements inside the gallery, focusing on elements that otherwise they would have never seen. At the same time seeing how these elements and surfaces sound, the spectators grow the curiosity to try them as well.