Creative Exchange with Spike Island

2017 - performance space

When the Spike Island Associate Artists (Bristol, UK) had been invited to take part in Tate Exchange, a “take over” of the fifth floor of Tate Modern, on the topic of the exchange between artists and audience, I decided to bring the “Associate room” to Tate. To move to London the space where the Associates usually meet and work in Bristol, the room that is the core of their activities. But, because I was not allowed to move physically all its furniture and elements, I chose to take a picture of all its walls, print them in real size on different paper sheets and then recompose and paste them within the Tate, to recreate our space, and run our activities inside it. The installation created acted as a set for relationships and as elements to mark our presence in the space. I invited some dancers based in London to interact with it, to create a movement score and then, teach it to the visitors and other Associate Artists, as a different way to relate to the constructed space.

“A scale model of our shared workspace in Bristol as a base for the visitors to drop in and experience a miniature version of the Spike Associates programme”

Furthermore, a two days program of activities for the spectators that included the possibility for everybody, to exhibit -at least for one day- at Tate Switch House within a temporary collection, have been designed collectively.


*Spike Island is a gallery and arts production space based in Bristol. Spike Associates is a membership network of artists, writers, curators, designers and other creative practitioners.