TEATRO DEL LEMMING / L'Edipo dei Mille. Tragedia dei sensi per uno spettatore

Venezia Magazzini del Sale, Teatro Universitario G. Poli (Santa Marta), Sala del Camino, Giudecca, Torre civica, Teatro Momo

music and direction Massimo Munaro

For ancient greeks to see and to know were the same thing. Paceful,also if sadder than anyone, the one who could recognizes himself blinded. Edipo’s blindness concerns the inscrutability of the future and the inability to domain his past. Edipo blinds himself because he reveals to the world his inner blindness, because he gets a deeper consciousness.
Edipo is an archetype of western culture, because everyone wants to work out the Enigma.
But the Enigma remains unsolved, is shifty as our mirror image. Who am I? How could I live all this? The most important problem of Edipo is identity. My identity. The other problem is free willing: are my actions free or am I moved by someone-something that is choosing my life in place of me? Who is moving my hands?
And this division is inside me: I want my mother’s kiss, but my mother’s kiss has to be pure. Moral and desire are fighting and my eyes are crying.
If your eye causes a scandal, rip it out!

In Edipo I reveal my blindness. Perception is enlarged. All my senses are directly envolved. In a dramaturgic reversal of traditional roles, I/the spectator become the actor of the action. I find myself in Edipo.
Time for reflections come after, NOW we have to live.