LA VERONAL / Los pajaros muertos

Set in a representative universe of life and work of Pablo Picasso, Los Pàjaros Muertos recites the steady disappearance of the men who approached the painter’s life, the inevitable fate of the characters that accompanied one of the most prominent men of the twentieth century and that shared with him the fruitful and destructive years of the century. Using a pictorial pretext, the piece enters into an allegorical area of war, trips and loves. Sex, Art and Death construct a tableau of images evocative of the passion with which the painter worked through his life. From Malaga to Mougins, from Barcelona to Paris, Los Pàjaros Muertos portrays a journey through the years and the names that shared time, cities and cafes with Pablo Picasso along the 92 years the painter lived.
direction and choreography: Marcos Morau
dramaturgy: Tanya Beyeler, Pablo Gisbert
music: Bolero (Ravel), Overture 1812 (Ciajkovskij), La entrada, Amparito Roca, Suspiros de España
assistant choreographer: Cristina Goñi
lights and sets: Enric Planas