CLAUDIA CASTELLUCCI / Esercitazioni ritmiche

The experimentation explores the following, directions: Circular rhythmic dance. This is a metronomic dance, in which the moment follows the musical beat with precision. It is important to incorporate the rhythm with the awareness that one is joining an ample existing movement. Here time appears as something that may also in turn be measured. This is not an external dance.

Chance, which breaches order, may be the product of error or the combination of two or more elements that randomly intersect to generate a new reality. To consider chance in dance, and even give it significance, trains one to give immediate response. Immediate, but not instinctive, to change. “Change” is treated as a movement that extends it, and not as an extinction. The psychology of duration.


Campo Sant’Agnese, 24-25-26-27 June 2015, Venice
with Annalisa Celentano, Marianna Cifrarelli, Dixon Li, Livia Massarelli, Alessio Mazzaro, Callahan McGovern, Kotomi Nishiwaki, Giulia Rossi, Rossella Russo, Antonio Savoia.
Assistant: Giuseppe D’Agostino

Produce by La Biennale di Venezia